Write songs. Save lives.

Criteria for Entry

1. Entry is free and open to aspiring and professional songwriters and musicians who live in Australia. You can be from any cultural background to enter the competition.

2. The panel of judges will include local songwriters, musicians and health sector directors.

3. Participants are open to interpret their song in any way they choose - from rock, classical, ballad, Bollywood, hip hop, jazz, pop, electronic, folk, world music and others.

4. Participants can submit as many songs as they wish but each composition (tune and lyrics) needs to be original.

5. Every participant will receive a Pink Sari Information Pack to assist them with them songwriting.

6. The songwriter/s will retain 100% copyright ownership of their material, however entrants agree to allow

The Pink Sari Project to use the composition royalty free and without restriction or limitation such as, but not limited to:

(1) using the song as theme song for the Pink Sari Project in all promotions, advertising, and events, and

(2) recording various versions of the song and making copies of such recordings on CD, digital and other formats, and distribute such copies through all platforms and modes of delivery and

(3) to use the song as theme song and/or background music for music videos, films, commercials, and other audiovisual productions.

7. Submissions will be judged on the following criteria: creativity, originality, suitability of theme, lyrics, melody, composition and arrangement.

8. Production, recording quality and vocal ability are NOT part of the judging.

9. Participants are invited to write in English or any Indian or Sri Lankan languages. An English translation sheet is required for all non-English songs.

10. To submit your entry, please record yourself singingyour compositIon via your smartphone, video camera or webcam. You can upload the video and send the link OR send us the file directly in mp4 or mov format. The quality of your recording will not affect the final decision.

11. Each submission requires the following elements:

•  Completed entry form

•  One song five minutes or less

•  A lyrics sheet in Word/PDF (include English translation, where applicable)

•  All files are clearly labelled with entrant full name and song title (NAME_SONGTITLE)

•  Email completed submissions to

12. Judges shall have the final say in the choice of artist and producer/s of the recording.

13. The top three winning entries will be invited to perform at the media launch event.