About Pink Sari Project


The Pink Sari Project is a community-driven initiative based in New South Wales (NSW), Australia, to raise awareness around breast screening and the importance of early detection of breast cancer. It brings everyone together to help understand and overcome the low breast screening rates identified within the Indian and Sri Lankan communities, and help save women’s lives.


The Pink Sari Project (pinksariproject.org) is a means of bringing community groups, media, health services and families together to increase breast screening (and thus breast cancer survival) in women from the Indian and Sri Lankan communities.
In addition, the Pink Sari Project seeks to enable the sharing of skills, resources and networks of all of those involved to realise this cause.


The Pink Sari Project is led by the NSW Multicultural Health Communication Service (MHCS) and the NSW Refugee Health Service, with funding received from the Cancer Institute NSW.

The Project is supported by an interdisciplinary academic team from the University of Technology (UTS) and various Breast Screen NSW services.

Indian and Sri Lankan community organisations in NSW have also been involved. For example, the Community Leaders Forum held on the 13th of September 2014 at Thornleigh was organised through the leadership of women’s group  SAHELI and SEVA.


Everyone can be involved in The Pink Sari Project. Show your support and help spread awareness by writing and sharing a pledge.

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Women in Indian and Sri Lankan communities, especially those above 50 years of age should understand the importance of mammograms and get regular screenings. If you have not been screened before, learn the facts about mammograms and book a breast screen.

Family members and the larger community can help by encouraging their female family members and friends, especially those aged 50-74, to find out about mammograms and book a free mammogram. Family members especially can be strong drivers for change – many successful survivor stories involve family members prompting their sister, mother or grandmother to attend a breast screening.

Community leaders and those involved with Indian and Sri Lankan organisations play a vital role in the success of this campaign. We need your help in spreading the message and engaging with your community.

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Media, especially Indian and Sri Lankan media, can help promote the Pink Sari Project and spread the message of the importance of breast screening and early detection amongst the community.